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About us

FlyHarmony is a new and growing charter airline, based in Tallinn, Estonia, We aim to connects people all over the world to a network of endless destinations.

FlyHarmony’s superior products and services, welcoming cabins and comfortable fleet are at your disposal. Whether it’s your first flight or simply your latest, we work to anticipate your every need.
Time is an increasingly precious commodity, which is why chartering an aircraft makes economic sense. The sooner you reach your destination, the sooner you can take care of business or begin the leisure break you so dearly need. Business travelers can reach two or more destinations in a single day.Remote locations, difficult to reach with scheduled carriers, can more easily be accessed by our charter aircraft.
Flight safety is our utmost concern. As FlyHarmony operates under stringent safety standards, we only consider applications from pilots who conform to our established minimum requirements. All aircraft are maintained and serviced according to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) requirements in approved service centres.

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